Area Hydrographs

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Little Powder River Basin
Little Powder River near Weston - LPTW4
Little Missouri River Basin
Little Missouri River at Camp Crook - CACS2
Grand River Basin
South Fork Grand River near Cash - CSHS2
North Fork Grand River near White Butte - GRAS2
Shadehill Reservoir - SHAS2
Moreau River Basin
Moreau River near Faith - FTHS2
Belle Fourche River Basin
Belle Fourche River at 12 N Wright
Belle Fourche River below Moorcroft - BFRW4
Keyhole Reservoir - KEYW4
Belle Fourche River near Alva - BFAW4
Belle Fourche River at WY/SD Line - BWSW4
Cold Springs Creek at Buckhorn - HRNW4
Sand Creek near Beulah - SNDW4
Redwater Creek at WY/SD Line - RDWS2
Spearfish Creek near Lead - SLNS2
Little Spearfish Creek near Lead - LSLS2
Spearfish Creek at Spearfish - SFHS2
Redwater River above Belle Fourche - RWRS2
Belle Fourche Reservoir - BEFS2
Belle Fourche River near Fruitdale - FRUS2
Whitewood Creek at Deadwood
Whitewood Creek above Whitewood - WTWS2
Whitewood Creek near Whitewood - WNWS2
Whitewood Creek above Vale - VAES2
Belle Fourche River near Sturgis - SBFS2
Bear Butte Creek in Galena - GLNS2
Bear Butte Creek at Boulder Canyon - BOUS2
Belle Fourche River near Elm Springs - BEFS2
Cheyenne River Basin
Beaver Creek near Four Corners - CMPW4
Stockade Beaver Creek near Newcastle - BCNW4
Cheyenne River at Edgemont - EDGS2
Hat Creek near Edgemont - HATS2
Horsehead Creek at Oelrichs - HHDS2
Angostura Reservoir - ANGS2
Cottonwood Springs Creek at Reservoir - CDHS2
Argyle Road near Coldbrook Reservoir - ARGS2
Coldbrook Reservoir - CBKS2
Fall River at Hot Springs - HOTS2
Beaver Creek near Buffalo Gap - BEAS2
Cheyenne River near Buffalo Gap - BFGS2
French Creek near Fairburn
Cheyenne River at Red Shirt - CHRS2
Grace Coolidge Creek in Custer SP - GCOS2
Battle Creek Basin
Grizzly Bear Creek near Keystone - GNKS2
Battle Creek above Keystone - JUDS2
Battle Creek at Keystone
Battle Creek near Keystone - RUSS2
Battle Creek at Hermosa - HERS2
Battle Creek below Hermosa - OSAS2
Spring Creek Basin
Sunday Gulch near Hill City - SUNS2
Reno Gulch near Hill City - RGUS2
Spring Creek near Hill City - TDFS2
Spring Creek near Oreville Junction
Spring Creek near Rockerville - KSTS2
Rapid Creek Basin
Castle Creek above Deerfield - CTCS2
Deerfield Reservoir - DRFS2
Castle Creek below Deerfield Dam - DFBS2
Rapid Creek at Silver City - RSIS2
Pactola Reservoir - PACS2
Rapid Creek below Pactola Dam - RCBS2
Rapid Creek above Johnson Siding - JHNS2
Rapid Creek at Big Bend - BIGS2
Rapid Creek above Victoria Creek - RAVS2
Victoria Creek above Victoria Dam - VAVS2
Victoria Creek below Victoria Dam - VBVS2
Rapid Creek above Canyon Lake - CYNS2
Wild Irishman Gulch near Rapid City - IRIS2
South Canyon at Rapid City - ECHS2
Rapid Creek at Founders Park - RCYS2
Rapid Creek at St Patrick St in RC - HAWS2
Rapid Creek above Water Reclamation - RCVS2
Rapid Creek near Farmingdale - FARS2
Cheyenne River Basin (continued)
Cheyenne River near Scenic - SCNS2
Boxelder Creek near Nemo - BNNS2
Boxelder Creek near Nemo
Boxelder Creek near Rapid City - BNRS2
Boxelder Creek at I-90
Cheyenne River near Wasta - WASS2
Elk Creek near Roubaix - ROBS2
Cheyenne River near Plainview - PLNS2
Elk Creek near Rapid City - EKCS2
Elk Creek near Elm Springs - ELCS2
Cheyenne River near Plainview
Bad River
South Fork Bad River near Cottonwood - CTTS2
Bad River at Midland - MIDS2
Bad River near Ft Pierre - FTPS2
White River Basin
White River near NE/SD State Line - NEBS2
White River near Oglala - WOGS2
White River near Interior - IRRS2
Bear in the Lodge Creek near Wanblee - BERS2
White River near Kadoka - KDKS2
Blackpipe Creek near Wanblee - PIPS2
White River near White River - WHRS2
Little White River near Martin - LITS2
Lake Creek below Refuge near Tuthill - LBKS2
Little White River near Vetal - VTLS2
Little White River near Rosebud - VTLS2
Little White River below White River - LWRS2
White River near Oacoma - OACS2
Missouri River looking toward Oacoma
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Keya Paha River Basin
Keya Paha River near Keyapaha - PAHS2
Keya Paha River near Wewela - WEWS2

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